Rick has produced radio for national syndication; shot & edited documentary film shorts; and has worked professionally as a graphic designer, web and multimedia developer since 1989.

He began instructing at the university-level in 1997, teaching & coordinating programs in both the public and private university sectors in several western states.


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"Teaching for me was never about having the security of a job. It is a way to explore new concepts and technologies, and try to make a difference to my students' lives.

As a person I have many hobbies and interests; they allow me to achieve balance between my professional and personal lives."


Welcome to the online home of Rick Kovacic

Mr. Kovacic is a Multimedia and Web developer with a background in electronic & digital media. His work spans both analog and digital realms beginning in the 1970s to present day.

Rick has taught Web Design, Media Arts and Multimedia technologies on the college level since 1998. contains information and links to various works produced during the last 20 years.


Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications, with a concentration in Radio-TV-Film, studying in two disciplines at Colorado State University: