Multicast Tools & Techniques:

An Master of Science Thesis Project

Researcher: Rick Kovacic, M.S. in Telecommunication Systems
Principal Advisor: Alex Bordetsky, Ph.D., TELCOT Institute, San Ramon CA USA

June 2001: Multicast Testing has been completed. Project notes are posted to the right, in PDF format.

The purpose of this research was to explore the viability of multipoint Video Conference, shared work space, and collaborative tools environments for education, business, and telemedicine applications.

Network Architectures

Three distinct network architectures are being tested:

  • using MBone virtual network and session tools
  • IP over ATM routers
  • IP over Cisco Multipoint Router

A variety of video conference hardware and OS platforms are being tested, including Sun Solaris (Unix); Win98 and Win2000 (Pentium II & III); and Mac OS9.1 (Apple PowerPC).

Test Results

Tests will migrate from MBone to ATM, then to the multipoint router installed in the Telcot LAN. Test results are compiled each week, and will be published as part of the Master's Department Thesis in Fall 2001. I will post information on these results at this project site later in the test schedule.


Thesis Abstract | Technology Review | Test Notes

Hardware Utilized

A Sun Solaris Ultra10 is the dedicated MBone workstation; a high-end Zydacron NT comStation 160 running proprietary software is also being utilized; digital imaging devices include SunVideo Plus cameras and video cards, Logitech Quickcam Pro cameras using MBone tools and Microsoft NetMeeting, and Intel cameras using ProShare and MS Netmeeting.

We are interested in test web-based multipoint video conference software packages in future tests. Please contact me via email for more information and collaboration opportunities.

Multimedia Interface Design

I will also be working on a web-based multipoint communication interface beginning in June, 2001 as part of my Special Major Multimedia studies. Beta versions of this interface will be posted online for demonstration and testing purposes. If you are interested in beta testing this interface, please send email to:

MBone Info | Zydacron | Logitech | ProShare | iVisit | Click-To-Meet