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NEPCO, INC is a private commercial non-bank lender (NBL) with capital participant’s, affiliates and assignees that fund viable projects both domestically and internationally. In operation since 1990.
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Founder & CEO

  • Ronald Coleman

    Ron Coleman – NEPCO, INC. President & Founder. Offices in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Our Services

We provide a variety of financing, development and project management services in different industry sectors.

  • Project Investment

    We are seeking capital partners for projects underway in Real Estate, Energy, Transportation Design & Manufacturing, and other industry sectors.

  • Small Business Funding

    We provide capital funding for small business with an established history, and new startups that have big ideas about the future of their products.

  • Project Management

    Project funding and management is our forte, we provide management services for all the projects we obtain funding for to help business be successful.

  • Financial Consulting

    If you are looking for capital to re-finance your business, or need advice on how to become more efficient, then contact us for information on our consulting services.

Projects and Opportunities

Capital Investment and Project Development

At Nepco, we seek to help business develop and succeed in the marketplace at the highest level. We do this by choosing the best projects with qualified management; capital partners with resources; and ensuring success after capitalization with management support.

We believe in integrating our services to provide the best possible client success.
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Funding Process

Visit our Funding page for find out how to get started capitalizing your business.
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